Nakamichi High-Com II

Noise Reduction System

Nakamichi High-Com IIb

The culmination of joint Nakamichi and Telefunken research, High-Com II is the world's finest two-band audiophile noise reduction system.

This highly sophisticated unit employs a two band design with advanced High-Com compander ICs for 20 dB noise reduction throughout the entire audio band. Dynamic range is greatly expanded, without the sonic coloration, breathing, and distortion that plague conventional audiophile companders. Can be used with discs, also.

Features For Sale
  • Noise Reduction
    • High-Com Noise Reduction
    • MPX Filter
    • Subsonic Filter
  • Preamplifier
    • Output-Level Control
  • Display
    • Analog Needle Meters
  • Calibration
    • 400Hz Test Tone
  • Exterior
    • 19-Inch EIA Rack Mounting
    • Black Finish
  • Connectivity
    • RCA Input/Output Connectors
    • AC Power Cord / Plug
  • Power Requirements
    • Alternating Current