Nakamichi CDC-4

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Close your eyes and let the music take over. Where are you? What do you see? What do you feel?

Music has the power to transport, transform, and transcend. So when you settle for lackluster audio performance, you settle for sensory deprivation —an unnecessarily unnatural state of affairs, which your Nakamichi dealer can easily remedy. Nakamichi System 4 is a unique collection of audio components, designed by engineers who are fanatically insistent on musical accuracy. The CR-4A Cassette Deck features Nakamichi's Discrete 3-head System with a simplified calibration system that lets you fine-tune for flat 20-21,00(1 l lz frequency response, even with normal bias (1 rpe I) tape. The CDC-4A Compact Disc Changer has Nakamichi's Dual Glitch-Free I)/A Converters and an 8-times oversampling digital filter that ensure the most natural, musical Cl) reproduction. Thu can program up to 50 tracks on 6 discs. And an intelligent ynehm Record feature lets you completely automate the taping of your programmed tracks, not only with the CR-4A deck, but also with virtually every remote-controllable Nakamichi recorder ever made. The TA-4A High Definition Tuner Amplifier delivers a rare combination of high-performance technology and audio/video control flexibility. A superb 100 watt-per-channel SASlS power amplifier ensures dynamic, richly detailed reproduction with today's finest loudspeakers. The TA-4As System Remote Control Unit also lets you operate a Nakamichi CI) player and two Nakamichi cassette decks. And by using up to three optional RS-7 Remote Sensors, you can control your system from just about any room in your home. With the "1'A-4As RemoteSpeakerSeleetor, its almost like having two complete systems in two different rooms. Superior technology that makes music all that it should be... exceptional versatility and features that enhance the listening experience... you get it all with System 4. You can judge this phenomenon for yourself. At your Nakamichi dealer, naturally.

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