Nakamichi 550

Versatile Cassette System

Nakamichi 550 Dual-Tracer

The first to make high fidelity on location cassette recording a reality, the 550 is now in use around the world by musicians and live recording enthusiasts who once had no choice but to use open reel recorders.

Like other Nakamichi two head cassette decks, the 550 utilizes the Focused Field Crystal Permalloy record/playback head. The transport is driven by a pulse controlled DC servomotor system that guarantees super steady speed without dissipating a lot of the battery's power as heat. In addition, an amazing 90% efficient DC DC converter and power conserving electronics give the 550 an unprecedented 15 hours of continuous recording time on one set of 8 standard  D  cells. Other features include 3 very wide dynamic range microphone inputs, 2 fast 45 dB range peak meters, a programmable tape alarm, high output headphone amplifier, switchable MPX filter, Dolby Noise Reduction, built in 400 Hz oscillator, user adjustable record level calibration controls, peak limiter and a special switch that makes the left level meter indicate tape footage and right level meter indicate battery condition. The 550 comes with a heavy duty shoulder strap and vinyl case. A hard carrying case is available as an option.

Features For Sale
  • Connectivity
    • Headphones
    • 3 Microphone Inputs
    • DIN Input/Output Connector
    • RCA Input/Output Connectors
  • Head Configuration
    • 2 Head Design
    • 4 Track / 2 Channel
  • Noise Reduction
    • Dolby-B Noise Reduction
    • MPX Filter
  • Calibration
    • 400Hz Test Tone
    • Manual Level Calibration
  • Preamplifier
    • Output-Level Control
    • Headphone Volume Control
    • Individual Input Level Controls
    • Mix Line + Microphone Signals
  • Display
    • 3-Digit Mechanical Counter
    • Analog Needle Meters
    • Analog Meter Light Switch
  • Transport
    • Auto Stop
    • Single Capstan Transport
    • Belt Drive (Capstan)
    • Mechanical Tape Loading
  • Tape
    • Chrome Tape Capability
    • Normal Tape Capability
    • Manual Tape Type Selection
  • Electronics
    • Peak Limiter
  • Operation
    • Mechanical Transport Control
    • Programing Timer
    • Battery Check
  • Exterior
    • Top Loading
    • Orientation Left
    • Shoulder Strap Connector
    • Black Finish
  • Power Requirements
    • External DC Power Supply
    • Battery Powered
  • General
    • Portable
    • Stereo
  • Speed
    • 1⅞ ips - 4.76 cm/s