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September 24 2007 Today the site exists 10 years! Thanks to everyone that contributed and supported to it!
January 22 2007 Removed all 'third party' models. In forums and on ebay people claim naks.com lists these decks as 'made by Nakamichi' which they weren't, they simply shared the (Sankyo) transport.
June 28 2006 It's not finished but well on it's way... www.vintagecassette.com Lists Vintage Cassette Decks of all brands and their features. Nakamichi products are listed here as well: HERE. This site is not finished, if you can provide addidional information on a product then follow the link next to that product.
March 23 2006 Listing ESLabs Idler tire kits for specific models.
October 22 2005 Added some removed specs again. Made some changes to MR series and updated TD-400 and added TD-300, thanks to Scott for pointing me to this .
September 4 2005 Updated the amount of segments on all BX/RX/MR and some CR decks, thanks to Scott for pointing me to this .
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February 11 1999 Messages section for questions, Naks for sale and other stuff.
February 8 1999 Added some modelid numbers to the database.
January 26 1999 The database access perl scripts and the guestbook are now running on my own NT Server at Twinspark.
January 25 1999 Finished migrating most perl scripts to NT.
January 22 1999 The New Naks, DR-8 and DR-10, are here! Thank you Bob for sending the flyers to naktalk. More of Goto's OEM images added.
January 19 1999 CAD4 image added, thanks Goto!
January 18 1999 New model ID's added to the database.
January 16 1999 A few new model id's and new guestbook entries.
January 3 1999 Happy 1999 everyone! Added new guestbook entries.
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December 23 1998 I can no longer use the current server for running the database access scripts, guestbook and the naktalk mailing list. So the site is stripped of some features until I find another ISP where I can run these cgi scripts for free. The guestbook and the mailing list will continue in a different way also temporarily I hope!
December 22 1998 Added OEM series. OEM are products manufactured by Nakamichi for other companies, thanks to Hideo Goto for the list! Some products from the Third Party section have moved to OEM. Third Party are now products from manufacturers that have key parts that are also used in Nakamichi cassette decks, usually the transport mechanism.
December 12 1998 Sonab C-500 image added, thanks to Winston Chia!
December 10 1998 New prices and production years added for most of the third party products, taken from the Orion audio blue book. Debugged some scripts.
December 6 1998 Added Sonab and Ferguson Nakamichi 500 clones, thanks Jari Råback!
December 5 1998 Updated the pricepage, also started adding ebay prices. Added MX-100 and PS-100 products.
November 27 1998 Finally the ZX-5 image has arrived!! Thanks (again!) to Hideo Goto.
November 26 1998 New images from Hideo Goto for the 600b, 600II, 1000II and 1000ZXL-LTD, thanks!
November 24 1998 Some modifications in the Third party section. Changed the CR5/CR7/DR series meters from 'led' to 'fl', thanks Tom!
November 23 1998 Added 'Pressure pad lifter' to the database.
November 22 1998 More Onkyo and Kyocera images and specs by Tom and Eric Bergman. The TA-2055,TA-2066,TA-R77,TA-2070,TA-2060,TA-2090,D-601 and the D-611. Also made some modifications to scripts.
November 21 1998 Added more CR5/7 details. Thanks to Christiaan Punter for not throwing away the flyer!
November 17 1998 Third party Onkyo and Kyocera images and information supplied by Tom and Eric Bergman, THANKS!
November 5 1998 I had to add them at some point, the mobile decks! Here are some of the classic ones to start with, the TD series.
October ?? 1998 Did some reorganization to the database. Moved the Noise reduction units to the NR series and renamed the Remote series to RM.
October 29 1998 Added the repair/service links. Modified some server scripts.
October 27 1998 Statistics printing is now more accurate.
October 21 1998 Onkyo third party models added, a tip by Tom Bergman!
October 20 1998 Added the Kyocera third party models.
October 8 1998 Did some debugging on server scripts...
September 24 1998 TODAY IS THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF THE PAGE!!!!. Thanks everybody who contributed in any way for the past year and all those who visited!!! Keep those Naks alive!!
September 21 1998 Added the Harman Kardon decks to the third party page, they still have to confirmed as being a 'Nak'!!.
September 18 1998 Improved some of the perl scripts.
September 14 1998 Added the third party series and the first deck for this series. Thank you Edward Noyes for sending the Sansui deck!.
September 11 1998 Dolby IC types are now listed on each model if known.
September 4 1998 Replaced the Nakamichi logo with a better one by Rob Sabelis.
August 29 1998 Added an image for the 350 (finally!) and updated the 250 image, both scanned by Richard King, thank you!.
August 28 1998 Printing the years each model was made.
August 26 1998 Speed up the series overview page. It was a bit slow.
August 20 1998 Restyled the series overview page. Now this page gives a good visual overview of the years when each series was made.
August 19 1998 Added a quick hack, "statistics". It shows how often each series is being browsed. And the winner is.. The Dragon!!
August 14 1998 Modified some scripts.
August 12 1998 Added the mysterious model id's to the database.
August 10 1998 Major increase of hits to the site, thanks to the article on www.stereophile.com.
July 16 1998 Added an image for the 600II (finally!) and updated the 500 image, both scanned by Richard King, thank you!.
July 14 1998 Made some banners to promote the site, available on request.
May 18 1998 Fixed some errors in the Dragon database entries (Thanks Lennard). Changed technical specs layout for each model, also added more specs.
May 14 1998 Modified 250/350/500/600/600II entries in the database, thanks to Alex Crespi for sending the specs!
May 6 1998 Added remote controls to the database, so now they also have their own page.
May 4 1998 Changed the links page.
April 28 1998 Changed some graphics, added 'enter here' button on the entry page.
April 27 1998 Made some changes to the 250/600 entries in the database, thanks to Edward Noyes.
April 24 1998 Updated some of the second hand prices in the database.
April 22 1998 Made changes to some of the (perl) scripts to speed things up.
Mar 23 1998 Changed the links page.
Feb 25 1998 Start of the Nakamichi (naktalk) mailinglist! Added some items to the listing of each model.
Feb 24 1998 Improved/added images for the CR series, BX-300 and BX-125. Many thanks to Sven Felsby for borrowing me his flyers so I could scan the images and use the technical information for the Naks database!
Feb 21 1998 New link on the links page.
Feb 19 1998 Improved/added images for 680,660ZX,670ZX,480 Silver. All of these images (and technical information for the Naks database) came from the flyers Byron Nygreen borrowed me! Thank you very much for sending this treasure Byron!
Feb 18 1998 Added an image for the 'disc-less' HighComII noise reduction unit.
Feb 16 1998 Made some changes to the database.
Feb 12 1998 Added model 'A' and 'B' of the HighComII noise reduction unit to the database. Also made changes to the 1000ZXL entries, thanks to Lennard for lending the flyer of the best Nak ever!
Feb 11 1998 Model overview now sorted by year and not by model.
Feb 2 1998 Improved images for 700ZXE/700ZXL and 1000ZXL.
Jan 28 1998 ZX-5 (Japanese BX-300) added to database. New images for 480Z/481Z/482Z/RX-303 and RX-505.
Jan 26 1998 Fixed some bugs in some of the perl scripts. Thanks to Josh for sending the BX-300 image.
Jan 25 1998 Added 1000II image, thanks to Geoff! New (re-scanned) images for 581Z/582Z/681ZX and the 682ZX. Also made changes to the Cassette Deck and DR entries in the database.
Jan 24 1998 Added/improved Cassette Deck and DR series images, thank you Christiaan for giving me the documentation!
Jan 22 1998 Made changes to the 1000ZXL database entry, thanks Lennard!
Jan 11 1998 Added Cassette Deck 1 image, taken from the Nakamichi Home Audio Owner's Club of Japan website.
Jan 8 1998 Added images for the 481 and 482, thanks to Lennard Valk for lending me his flyers! Also added images for the NR-100/NR-200/HighComII and the T-100.
Jan 6 1998 Modified the Naks page perl script.
Jan 5 1998 Added noise reduction units and the T100 to the database. Modified prices of Naks in the database.
Dec 19 1997 Thank you Joe Giorgianni for sending the missing image of the Nakamichi 580. The guestbook is now running my own (perl) script! Moving more files from geocities to xs4all.
Dec 18 1997 Added prices to Nakamichi database, updated the prices page and (perl) script(s).
Dec 17 1997 Mirror of the site on: http://www.xs4all.nl/~wheijke/nak. The Xs4all pages are running a perl script to genarate the 'Naks' pages from my Nakamichi database.
Dec 11 1997 Search(-A-Nak) menuitem added...
Dec 10 1997 Added an image for the 680ZX (image of my own deck!) and (a fake) one for the 680.
Dec 9 1997 Added a lot of information to the Search-A-Nak database. Thanks to Lennard Valk for lending me his documentation!
Dec 6 1997 Received the Nakamichi Orion Blue Book pages from Alex Lee, thanks! Updated the years when models where made, added the DDR-3.
Dec 3 1997 Made some adjustments to the 700/1000 pages, thank you Lennard for providing the technical info!
Dec 2 1997 Links page updated.
Nov 23 1997 Added (this) news page.
Nov 22 1997 New images for 581/582, thanks to Theo Jansen for sending the flyer!
Nov 20 1997 Subscribed at the major search engines. Made a fake front page somewhere else to make this possible...some search engines reject geocities!!
Nov 15 1997 550 series page added. Announced the page on uk.rec.audio.
Nov 14 1997 Added an image for the Nakamichi 250.
Nov 13 1997 Prices are now looked up from a database.
Nov 6 1997 Added the 660 to the list, thank you Nick Doshi! It has a dummy image...
Nov 2 1997 Another picture by Gary Louie, the 1000ZXL-Limited! Also added and updated pages for the 350/600/1000/700/250/680/670 and Cassete Deck series.
Oct 31 1997 Added specs for the 550/600/DR-2/DR-3, thaks Gary Louie! DR series page added.
Oct 29 1997 Added a lot of missing models, scanned by Gary Louie. New are also pages for the 500/580 and CR series.
Oct 27 1997 Added the 480 series page.
Oct 26 1997 Added the MR and BX series pages.
Oct 24 1997 First public announcement of the page in rec.audio.marketplace, rec.audio.tech, rec.audio.misc and rec.audio.opinion.
Oct 22 1997 Added the Dragon/LX and ZX series pages.
Oct 15 1997 Added the RX series page.
Oct 13 1997 Added the geocities guestbook.
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