Donate your Nak
Parts for the Nakamichi products listed on this website are becoming hard to find. Most decks are 20 or even 30 years old and Nakamichi doesn't produce spare parts anymore.
So IF you have any of the decks listed here and you wish to donate it as a 'parts' or 'fix' machine to the community behind you are welcome! Also be aware that donating a deck means giving the deck to a naktalk member free of charge, the only costs may be shipping/packaging costs for sending the deck to the new owner.

Note that we have NO parts or decks in stock! Also we cannot find you parts or parts decks!
Please complete the form and add your location so we can find one of our members next to you to pickup the deck or have the deck shipped to.
What do you donate:
Technical state:
Optical state:
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